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Energy efficiency

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The increased energy consumption not only in Bulgaria, but also in the entire European Union is increasingly becoming a hot topic. For its optimization are needed investments, which in many cases are substantial and on the other hand the Energy Efficiency Act, and the European directives obligate us to apply them on time.

One of the ways to make a preliminary assessment of the necessity for energy efficiency measures and cost calculation is the so called energy efficiency investigation, or also called energy audit. The energy audit is conducted by certified companies that have the necessary equipment and specialists in the field of design and construction of industrial systems.

The choice of partner in assessing the feasibility of energy savings is of an essential importance for the final result. In order to actively assist our clients we have researched over 200 companies performing energy audits in the country. We have selected those with the optimal correlation between quality and price. We have established partnerships with the best companies that can help with the implementations of energy audits for buildings, as well as industrial systems at competitive prices.

Our Managers are at your disposal when choosing an appropriate auditing company and upon receiving clear and consistent standards report, thanks to which to make the right decisions for your business.

Other services that we offer to you in the energy efficiency field are:

  • Information on financing opportunities for projects related to the implementation of energy efficiency measures (such as OP Competitiveness, BEERECL, Energy Efficiency Fund, etc.)

  • Consultations on energy efficient solutions

  • Partnership