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ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD offers participation in a stable and unique balance group that includes a trader, its own production and balancing capacities, and a variety of customers. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in the process of coordinating and balancing the amounts of energy that should be forecasted. We have established operating rules regarding the forecast and the management of the applications, which provide an advantage in several directions:

  • As a result of the developed model that is used for the distribution of the costs among the balance group members, we have achieved a minimum level of imbalance expenses for each participant 

  • On time administration of the schedules and exchange of information with ESO EAD

  • The costs of imbalances are coordinated directly with ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD as a balance group coordinator without the need for further contact with ESO EAD

In case you need more information or you want to join our balance group, please contact the respective Sales Manager.