ENERGO-PRO STANDARD SOLAR is a standardized product for electricity supply, participation in a balancing group and payment for network services, designed for producers producing electricity through photovoltaic power plants connected to medium or low voltage distribution networks that need power. at their own power plants.


  • Preferential single tariff price for the term of the contract without risk of change.
    If you are a producer of electricity with a photovoltaic plant, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our standardized product at a preferential price. Your price will be constant for all hours of the day and you will have the comfort of price stability for the period under your contract. This allows you to easily plan and control your monthly energy costs. In addition to the value of the electricity consumed, your price will also cover the risks of incurring imbalance costs.
  • Fixed-term contract with an indefinite term clause.
    When choosing a product ENERGO-PRO STANDARD SOLAR you sign a contract for a period of 1 year, which after expiration you have the opportunity to re-sign, choose to conclude a contract for another product from our portfolio, to terminate without penalties or simply continue to be our customer. under the same product conditions. If your preference is for your contract to continue under the indefinite clause, at any forthcoming price change, we will be committed to providing you with sufficient time before its introduction to assess whether it is appropriate for you or to take the necessary steps to change your terms.

What other advantages do you get with a contract for ENERGO-PRO STANDARD SOLAR product:

  • Unified invoice for electricity and grid services – the contract concluded by you for the product ENERGO-PRO STANDARD SOLAR is for combined services and you will receive one invoice, which will include the obligations to the electricity supplier and those to the network operator.
  • Without commitments and costs for forecasting and balancing on the free market - ENERGO-PRO Energy Services will take responsibility for you for the necessary forecasting and balancing activities, as well as for the daily schedules of the Electricity System Operator. With this product you take part in one of the largest and most successful balancing groups on the free market in Bulgaria.
  • Payment according to the actual measured amount of electricity – you pay for the reported electricity for the respective period, and not on the basis of requested quantities according to a schedule.
  • No collateral (bank guarantee).
  • No interim installments – on the regulated market most of the business customers pay for the energy consumed by them with two intermediate installments and one final invoice. With this product the interim installments for you will be eliminated and you will pay once a month the value of the energy invoice.
  • Fixed due date of payment – in the free market, suppliers often bind their customers to floating payment terms that are difficult for the consumer to track. With your selection to sign a contract for a standardized product from our portfolio, your deadline for payment of invoices will be fixed until the 20th day of each month following the month of delivery.
  • Possibility to pay by direct debit.

For more information contact us by phone: *6161 email: service_freemarket@energo-pro.bg.