ENERGO-PRO Market Trend is a product for electricity supply and balancing, appropriate for small and medium business customers who want their price to be determined on a stock exchange basis and to have the opportunity to terminate the contract at any time without penalties. 

ENERGO-PRO Market Trend offers you:

  • Single combined contract for supply of active electricity with included balancing and payment of network services in one invoice
  • Price for the term of the contract, formed by price (PIBEX) + markup:
  • price (PIBEX) – the weighted average price for each respective month on the “market day ahead” platform of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX), calculated on the basis of the hourly consumption of the BUYER and the received settlement prices for each hour during each respective delivery period;
  • specifics for sites to which SLPs are applied – the share of their quantities for each respective hour in determining the amount of PIBEX is formed on the basis of the measured quantities for them by the network operators and the coefficients of the respective SLPs, which are applied for the month reported these sites;
  • markup – a fixed administrative fee, which remains unchanged for the period of the contract and can be changed after the transition to indefinite duration and the customer can withdraw from the contract in case of disagreement with the change.
  • 1-year term of the contract as of the beginning of the first delivery, with a clause for transition to indefiniteness after its expiration;
  • termination during the period of the contract and after indefinite – each party may early terminate the contract without penalty for giving one month's notice, the termination always occurs from the 1st day of the month after the expiration of the notice period.

What other advantages do you get with a contract for ENERGO-PRO Market Trend product:

  • contract at a price according to the current market conditions (stock exchange price);
  • full administration by EPROES in relation to forecasting and management of hourly schedules;
  • possibility to terminate the contract without penalties at any time with due notice;
  • single invoice for combined contract for supply, balancing of electricity and payment for network services;
  • no interim payments;
  • without warranty and collateral;
  • payment according to the actual measured amount of electricity;
  • no risk of imbalances;
  • opportunity for customers with SLP to also take advantage of a product tied to a stock exchange price.

For more information contact us by phone: *6161 email: service_freemarket@energo-pro.bg.