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About the company

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD – history and facts

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD is 100 % owned by ENERGO-PRO Varna EOOD. Its central office is located in the city of Varna. The company was established in the fall of 2005 and is the holder of license for trading with electric power for a term of 10 years.

The paramount goal of ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD is to provide quality and reliable power supply to consumers, registered on the market at freely negotiated prices, in compliance with the legal requirements in Bulgaria. Currently, the company offers electric power on the liberalized market. The supply of energy is based on specific load schedules and forecasts, provided by the clients, as well as forecasts at the account of the company.

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD has accumulated more than seven successful years as a registered participant on the free electricity market in the country. In 2011 the company reached 21% market share with established solid portfolio. It consists of very large industrial customers operating in leading industry branches (metallurgy, chemistry, glass industry, industrial production, mining and others) as well as clients in the field of services, commercial circuits and others.

In 2012 ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD was not only one of the leading traders on the free market, but also received license for Balance group coordinator and actively operated on the emerging market of balancing energy. Currently the company is offering its business customers participation in unique balance group that is consisted of balancing capacity and electricity trader. Currently, the balance group of ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD is one of the largest and holds the biggest number of registered clients in the country.

The vision of ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD is to position itself as a stable investor and leading electricity trader in Bulgaria. The coompany strives to be a reliable partner and professional consultant of its customers, and partners.

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EOOD – Your energy supplier!